Frequently Asked Questions


What are the basic gear needed for freediving?

Unlike scuba diving that requires equipment like regulator, compensator and tank, Freediving only requires a few pieces of gear, the basics are low-volume mask, simple J-snorkel, bi-fin with long blades or monofin (depends on your preference) and a good fitting wetsuit. 


What is the difference between fiberglass and carbon blades? 


Advantages: More efficient than plastic fins with a better snap, and a better choice for beginner to intermediate divers who are going deeper. It also retains its shape and stiffness.

Disadvantages: More pricey than plastic fins, and also fragile. Take care when traveling with them and avoid setting other equipment on top of them or accidentally dropping them.

Pure Carbon

Advantages: Best material for performance, often used by professional freedivers. The best material for deep dives, and also the lightest blades. Very reactive snap.

Disadvantages: Most expensive blades, and very fragile. Extra care needs to be taken when packing carbon blades for travel, and you should avoid shallow water with coral reefs and rocky surroundings.



What is the recommended fins for a beginner freediver like me?

There are lots of choices out there that will suit to your needs as a freediver. But basically, you choose either a plastic blade or a composite blade that could be fiberglass or carbon. Plastic fins are recommended if you're looking for an affordable option. We highly recommend fiberglass or carbon fins if you're looking at it as a long-term investment that will deliver performance as composite provides you a lot more efficiency compared to plastic fins. 


What is the recommended blade stiffness for me?

You can have the most expensive blades known to mankind, but if the stiffness is not suited to your body and your abilities, your efficiency will suffer. Too soft will give you less power and require extra movement, and too hard will take more of your energy, burn more of your precious oxygen, and can also cause more lactic acid buildup. Many freedivers think you need stiffer blades the deeper you go, but in reality, the stiffness should match your musculature.

Soft: For freedivers that are smaller and do not have a lot of leg muscles and power.

Medium: For freedivers who are of medium build with a normal amount of leg muscles and power.

Hard: For freedivers who have very strong legs and a bigger build.



How does the pre-order option works?

All products we carry are from imported brands and take a couple of weeks to get to us. We replenish our stocks as much as possible but there are times that some products, specially fins, get sold out easily. But we have a "pre-order" option/button that lets you order items even if it's out of stock. This will also allow you to choose or customise your fins' design such as stiffness, rib color and foot pocket color. Respective lead time is indicated above the pre-order button. Once order has been made, we will send you a confirmation email about your order, and once your item arrived to us, we will inform you immediately and send you your shipment tracking link. You may contact us regarding updates with your pre-ordered items through our Facebook Page: CTS Diving, for faster response.      



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